How To Start a WordPress Blog with Siteground

Why Siteground?

You’ve decided you want to start a blog using WordPress. You want the flexibility to tailor your site as you please and potentially monetise in the future, so you opt for the self- hosted route. Research begins on potential hosts and you see various recommendations. If the following are important to you check out Siteground’s hosting options: (more…)

Review: The Intelligent Asset Allocator

After starting my own investing journey I wanted to learn more about building a portfolio that would give me decent returns whilst minimising risk. My portfolio incorporated some diversification but I still had questions around what proportion I should hold in various asset classes (e.g. stocks, bonds, etc).  Some people hold their savings solely in cash, some in a mixture of cash, stocks and bonds, whilst others add even more into their portfolio (e.g. precious metals). (more…)

Want to Start a Blog? Avoid these 5 Mistakes

You’ve decided you want to start a blog, probably after a period of going back and forth on the idea. I have enjoyed my blogging journey so far and I’m glad I got that push from a good friend of mine. I love having an outlet to put my thoughts out there and although it’s been a learning curve on the tech side it’s definitely worthwhile.

There have definitely been mistakes on the way, so to save others some of the pain I went through on my journey as a blogger, here are a few to avoid… (more…)

How Much Do You REALLY Earn?

Do you know how much you REALLY earn? No it’s not a trick question. The typical answer would be, “yes of course I do. I earn <insert salary figure>”. I say typical answer but let’s be honest with money and earnings in particular being such taboo subjects, you may just get awkward silence as your response. Anyhow if you responded with your salary that would be the wrong figure, so what am I talking about? (more…)

Student Loan Statements – Why You Should Check Yours

Student Loans, the debt that many aren’t in a rush to pay off.

Those in other parts of the world, like the US, where loans tend to be much bigger in value and have commercial interest rates, may think this is crazy. However, in the UK it is a somewhat automated process (more…)

Stocks & Shares – Still missing out?

Stock and Shares – having mentioned them to quite a few people the usual response is, “Oh I’m not really sure about that, prefer to hold cash”. I get it 100% – I wouldn’t be pouring my money into something I didn’t understand either. However, if that’s you, you’re missing out on the opportunity to make money two ways. (more…)

7 Cheap Date Ideas


Many people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day today so putting this out there to help any last minute folks get there plan together. Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or just see it as another commercial celebration these date ideas can be used all year round. (more…)

Welcoming Baby Maximiser


It’s been quiet on the blog for the past few weeks, due to unexpected early arrival of Baby Maximiser. I had been working on building up a stock of posts to keep the site ticking over around and following my due date, however Baby Maximiser had other plans. (more…)

January: De-cluttering Time


After a lovely break over the Christmas and New Year period, I’m finally back with the first post of 2017. Hope you all enjoyed the festive period, I definitely did. In January I always love to have a good de-clutter out and this year is no different. If my focus in 2016 was on saving money, this year I want to spend more time generating additional money and putting it to work. (more…)

Cashless Payments – a blessing or trouble?


With multiple forms of cashless payments available it’s so easy to go without cash. Apple Pay, Android Pay, Credit/Debit cards (chip and pin or contactless) provide us with more convenience, but at what price? (more…)

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