My Top Tips to Avoid Blowing the Christmas Budget


It’s that time of year again…Christmas! My favourite time of year if I’m honest. A time where people switch off and enjoy the festivities with loved ones. A time for family gatherings, the associated arguments, food glorious food, festive everything!

It is also the time where (some) people go crazy and spend like there is no tomorrow, often suffering a serious financial hangover waiting for January pay day. Continue reading

Saver vs Spender – can the two work together?

There are many posts around what you can do as an individual to save money. If you’re part of a couple you will likely have goals that you have set together and as the saying goes you’re only as strong as your weakest link. So what if both of you aren’t naturally inclined to save? What if you’re a saver and your partner/spouse is a spender or vice versa? Are you doomed to eternal money conflict?  Continue reading

Dealing with Unknowns


I’ve been racking my brain deciding over which personal finance topic I am going to tackle this week. The past week has been one full of surprises and uncertainty and I’m not even talking about the US Presidential election result, although many would put that in the above categories. As an aside, before Brexit I would have been surprised but there were just too many similarities as things election process progressed. So this week’s post is something a little different, a post about dealing with the uncertainty that life throws Continue reading

Cutting my commuting costs – Realistic Or Nah?


Is it just me or are petrol prices slowly creeping up? When I started my latest job petrol had gone down to £0.99 per litre. Last time I filled up (fairly recently) it was £1.14, which has got me thinking about cutting my commuting costs. Continue reading

From Cheap to Frugal

Village of Frugality, Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Village of Frugality, Cambria County, Pennsylvania – Matthew Hunt

It’s been longer than planned since my last post, having been knocked down by illness for the past week and a half, but thankfully I’m past the worst of it. So it’s time to get back to business.

Frugal vs Cheap

Being cheap is solely about spending less. Frugality on the other hand is about prioritisation of spending to get more of the things you value.

With finite monetary resources we all have choices over how we spend. Continue reading

Brexit – Where are we now?


It’s been 115 days since the vote for Brexit occurred. Having previously blogged about my shock at the result and recommended a number of survival tips for the predicted storm I think now is a good time to see where we are almost 4 months from the day the nation delivered the mother of all protest votes. Continue reading

Getting your Money System in Order


In Taking Control of Your Money I mentioned that in order to make progress financially we need to automate where possible, but how exactly do you do that? Aside from automating bill payments through direct debits, is there anything else that can be done? For example, how can you organise your money to reduce the likelihood of overspending? What can you do to ensure sufficient funds remain in your account to service bill payments? Continue reading