Brexit – Where are we now?


It’s been 115 days since the vote for Brexit occurred. Having previously blogged about my shock at the result and recommended a number of survival tips for the predicted storm I think now is a good time to see where we are almost 4 months from the day the nation delivered the mother of all protest votes. Continue reading

Getting your Money System in Order


In Taking Control of Your Money I mentioned that in order to make progress financially we need to automate where possible, but how exactly do you do that? Aside from automating bill payments through direct debits, is there anything else that can be done? For example, how can you organise your money to reduce the likelihood of overspending? What can you do to ensure sufficient funds remain in your account to service bill payments? Continue reading

Why I started this blog…


Now this is a post I should have done a while back but am finally getting round to it (better late than never!!).

We work our way through secondary school striving to get the best grades possible to get into the University and degree course of our choice. Once we get there we “graft” away aka: Continue reading

So you want to buy a house…


In the UK we are a nation obsessed with home ownership. “Are you renting or buying?” is a question that relative strangers now feel comfortable asking each other when house hunting. So you’ve managed to save that all important deposit, but what else do you need to consider in your budget??? I remember watching a couple of First Time Buyers on a TV show a few years back. They had found their dream home with the help of the show’s presenters. Unfortunately the whole thing fell through as they forgot to include a key cost in their budget. Continue reading

Financial Education – Why we all need it


My introduction to Financial Education came during university with a recommendation to read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad by a fellow student. Despite the criticism that the brand may have faced over the years, this book really opened my eyes to the different approaches to money by the rich, poor and middle classes. If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend. For my fellow UK folk although some of the items discussed may be specific to the US the principle of using your money as investment capital to generate income is universal.

So what’s currently the norm when it comes to how we use our money?

We exchange our time for money, in other words we go to a 9-5 (other shift patterns also available J) in exchange for a salary/wage. This earned money is then spent on things (rent/mortgage, bills, leisure); some of us will then save what’s left (if there is anything left). Continue reading

Get the most out of Your Time: My Time Management Tips


By NasimAhmed96$ (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For the past few weeks I have been in something of a reflective mood. Something I would say is typical during a period of change and challenges. Following on from last week’s post, I decided to share my tips to overcoming that classical excuse – “I don’t have enough time”. Yes we could all do with 100 hours in the day, especially if working full time and/or with a family to look after, but the reality is we have 24 hours in a day so let’s make the best use of them. Continue reading

Why do people give up on chasing their dreams?

Dream BigHappy Monday everyone! For most this is the dreaded day of the week but today comes after a phenomenal weekend of Athletics with Mo Farrah retaining his gold in the 10,000m, rounded off by the legendary Usain Bolt winning a third 100m Olympic gold in the early hours of this morning (UK time). The sun is also shining and we are experiencing proper summer temperatures today – a refreshing change.  So again I say to you all happy Monday.

I always find the Olympics inspiring – I love the stories of the daily early rises, relentless training schedules and commitment of the athletes. Some of these journeys started off as early as age 4, with Rio 2016 being the culmination of what began as a dream. This got me thinking what makes so many give up on chasing their dreams… Continue reading