Get the most out of Your Time: My Time Management Tips


By NasimAhmed96$ (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For the past few weeks I have been in something of a reflective mood. Something I would say is typical during a period of change and challenges. Following on from last week’s post, I decided to share my tips to overcoming that classical excuse – “I don’t have enough time”. Yes we could all do with 100 hours in the day, especially if working full time and/or with a family to look after, but the reality is we have 24 hours in a day so let’s make the best use of them. Continue reading

Why do people give up on chasing their dreams?

Dream BigHappy Monday everyone! For most this is the dreaded day of the week but today comes after a phenomenal weekend of Athletics with Mo Farrah retaining his gold in the 10,000m, rounded off by the legendary Usain Bolt winning a third 100m Olympic gold in the early hours of this morning (UK time). The sun is also shining and we are experiencing proper summer temperatures today – a refreshing change.  So again I say to you all happy Monday.

I always find the Olympics inspiring – I love the stories of the daily early rises, relentless training schedules and commitment of the athletes. Some of these journeys started off as early as age 4, with Rio 2016 being the culmination of what began as a dream. This got me thinking what makes so many give up on chasing their dreams… Continue reading

10 Credit Score Myths Exposed


Credit Score – NY Photographic

Hello, hope everybody had a fab weekend. For those in the UK I hope you made the most of the summer weather, here’s to hoping it will continue. Today’s post was inspired by a conversation with a close friend about credit and building your score. There seems to be so much confusion around credit scores, credit history, etc and what impacts them. So I have pulled together 10 credit score myths to help clear things up! Continue reading

Paying off Debt: Avalanche vs Snowball

Debt emergency 1

Last week I shared my journey paying off credit card debt, prior to the days of my personal finance wisdom🙂. Luckily I’d always had this discomfort with debt (particularly bad debt), which served as motivation to clear the balance and keep any debt to a minimum going forwards. I know that not everyone views debt this way. Some people happily use debt to fund things that they are unable to afford such as the designer clothes/shoes, tech gadgets and cars. Oftentimes debt is used as a method to tackle emergencies due to a lack of emergency funds. This is done under the assumption that income will continue indefinitely to cover these debts, which makes me think did the crash of 2008 and the associated job losses teach us nothing??? Continue reading

Paying off Debt: My Journey

credit cards

I remember the days of having balances on multiple credit cards. I would love to say that I fondly remember those days but that would be a lie. When it comes to my relationship with debt there’s always been a discomfort with owing money. Continue reading

Post-Brexit Survival Tips


Last Friday I was woken up by a four word message revealing the result of the UK’s EU referendum. That message was more effective than my alarm as I jumped, rather than forced myself out of bed. Turning on the TV to check that there wasn’t an error – the result stood was confirmed. Continue reading

Why I will not be Relying On a Pension to Retire


It’s that time of year at work again – the time where we decide what benefits we want to buy with our benefits fund. As usual, the debate around pensions has started again focused on how much people are considering contributing.  I definitely believe this is a personal choice and have to resist the urge to shout “Are you crazy?!!!” when a colleague boasts that he never responds to the benefits selection call, instead he just goes with the company default. Talk about letting someone else make your money decisions! Continue reading