January: De-cluttering Time

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After a lovely break over the Christmas and New Year period, I’m finally back with the first post of 2017. Hope you all enjoyed the festive period, I definitely did. In January I always love to have a good de-clutter out and this year is no different. If my focus in 2016 was on saving money, this year I want to spend more time generating additional money and putting it to work. Given the current uncertainty at work and upcoming life events any additional funds would be a much welcome bonus.

What better place to start than going through my existing possessions? Who knows I could find some gems. My philosophy is if I haven’t touched it in the past year I don’t really need it.

Aside from potential monetary gain there are other benefits to de-cluttering…

Less Stress – now if you’re anything like me one of the things that cause you stress is clutter. I have heard people say that the state of your room is often an indicator of the state of your mind. Not sure how true that is for everybody, but I definitely have trouble thinking clearly in a room full of clutter. It’s like having a constant item on your to do list that you know you need to tackle and keep putting off.

For this reason I keep my workspace clutter-free and organised and apply the same principle to my relaxing spaces, although the latter is more difficult when your other half likes accumulating things.

More Space – we often complain of not having enough space but how much space do we really need? The solution may not be upgrading to a bigger house, but simply reducing the amount of stuff we have. Let go of the stuff you haven’t used in the past year and see how much more space you end up with.

Increased Productivity/Discipline – this goes back to clutter being like a nagging item on your to do list that you keep procrastinating over. Once it’s gone you can focus your mind on the important things you need to get done. That overwhelming feeling disappears as the visual distractions are no longer there (who remembers cleaning their room rather than revising for exams – it can’t just be me).

Clarity on the things you actually use/need – I find when you regularly de-clutter you get a much clearer perspective on the things that you need/use. I now often think twice before making purchases, thinking whether I will use/wear a particular item. This has definitely resulted in me buying less stuff (a great boost for money saving plan).

What have I found so far

Books, books and more books – some I have read and others that I didn’t really connect with.

Textbooks from previous studies – not sure how much they’ll be worth now as I kept finding excuses to keep them and there are likely a number of newer editions. Still going to see what I can do though.

Unworn Clothing – I embarrassingly disclose this information, as these are clearly items I shouldn’t have bought in the first place! You know those items where you pick them up and your mind is saying “not sure” but you proceed to purchase anyway.

Worn clothing that no longer fits – now I could tell myself that I will return to that size, but if I haven’t even gone to look for these clothes in the past year, they are better off going to a new home.

Shoes – most I wear but there are some from previous years that I no longer care about (probably taste changing with age??).

 So what’s the plan?

For the books I’ll be checking out Amazon Marketplace. There are no listing fees, your items are exposed to Amazon’s huge customer base (millions of people) and Amazon handles the payments!

For the clothing and shoes I will look to shift via Ebay. Having had mixed experiences in the past I will also be checking out Shpock – the boot sale app as well as my local car boot sales.

So there you have it, my de-cluttering finds and intentions. I’ll be sure to give you an update in due course.


Have you done a post –Christmas de-clutter? Are you sitting on some items that could provide extra cash? What are your tips for keeping clutter at bay?

If you would like to recommend any other good outlets for selling my old clutter, please be sure to let me know in the comments. Also be sure to share some of your re-selling triumphs.

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