7 Cheap Date Ideas

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Many people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day today so putting this out there to help any last minute folks get there plan together. Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or just see it as another commercial celebration these date ideas can be used all year round. So don’t feel at a loss if you’ve already blown the budget on making your special one feel extra special today, you can always try these ideas out another time.

Personally I am not really that bothered about Valentines but I’m not going to go on a rant saying “Love can be shown 365 days a year”. That could be pretty much be argued about most celebrations where we give gifts. Nonetheless for those making a night (or day) of it here are my suggestions to help you out.

Before I do, one slightly ranty point – under no circumstances does Valentine’s Day provide a good excuse to get into debt!! Know what you can afford and stick to it. So here we go…

Amateur Comedy Nights

Now I was first introduced to these via nights out with work. I’d always previously avoided these events as my thoughts were they’d be hit and miss. Aside from the cheap (or free) entry to see unknown acts, the hit and miss element is part of the beauty. You get a good comedian and you’re laughing, you get a bad one and you’re also laughing (at how bad they are). It’s a win-win.

Visit the closest National Park

Get yourself out to the country and see nature at its finest. You can do a variety of activities whilst there including hiking, bike rides, a picnic (weather permitting), photography, bird/wildlife watching. It may not be for everyone, but I’d definitely recommend especially if you live in the city. Getting away from the hustle and bustle for even a few hours is the ultimate de-stressor. Try to ignore your phone and focus on the quality time.

Be Tourists for the day

When you live in a particular place you often don’t do the touristy things such as seeing the sights, most likely due to life taking over. Take a minute to see what your city/town has to offer. Check out the museums (often free), tours (e.g. city tours, sports stadium tours, bike tour) and those famous sights (you know they’re there, but just haven’t got round to visiting).

At Home Spa

Create your own spa and pamper each other. Get the bubble bath and exfoliators ready, light candles to create a relaxing atmosphere, get the massage oils out and show off your skills! Push the boat out and get face masks (what’s the point in an incomplete spa session).

Off-peak Restaurant Meal

Rather than going for a meal at the weekend, try a week day evening or lunchtime. You’ll often find that many places have offers for those less busy periods. It could be BOGOF (buy one get one free) or special lunch time offers. With the latter you often get the same food at a fraction of the price you would pay in the evening.

Cook a nice meal

Nothing beats a good home cooked meal, so what better way to spoil your loved one! You can show off your dining skills by doing a fancy recipe (3 course meal would be nice). Alternatively, if there is a dish that you know your partner adores you could do that. Get the bubbly in and set the table – leave the dishes for another day.

Watch your Wedding Video – For the married couples out there, revisit the wedding day. Get your favourite snacks in and reminisce about your big day. Bring back those emotions and laugh at the bad hair dos and outfits (this will definitely be a feature the longer you’ve been married). No video? Get the wedding photos out instead.


How will you be spending Valentine’s Day? Do you have any other cheap date ideas? Are cheap dates ok or is some financial effort a requirement for a good date? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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