This blog follows my journey to better financial health, rediscovering life and passions as I re-focus on the simple things. I was that girl living in the big city, paying big bills with an income which allowed me to do so.

But then I thought there has got to be more to life than just this daily grind. Or at least if I’m going to work this hard I should make sure that my money can do more!

Cue relocation to a cheaper city, significantly lower bills and a pay increase. Follow me on my journey now that I put 50% of my income to work each month, whilst still having a life and see where it gets me.

There will be thoughts, tips and reviews on all things financial as well as random ramblings about life.This blog serves to share the things I’ve learned on my journey of financial education so that others can make the most of their money too!


Please note that content on this blog does not constitute advice – see full disclaimer.

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